Adventure begins here

God’s way is perfect.
All the Lord’s promises prove true.
He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.
For who is God except the Lord?
Who but our God is a solid rock?
God arms me with strength,
and he makes my way perfect.
He makes me as surefooted as a deer,
enabling me to stand on mountain heights.
He trains my hands for battle;
he strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow.
You have given me your shield of victory.
Your right hand supports me;
your help has made me great.
You have made a wide path for my feet
to keep them from slipping.
– Psalm 18: 30-36

“I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty convinced at this point that I want to live my life believing God. Too much is at stake, and too much Adventure stands to be missed.” – Beth Moore

I thought I knew quite a bit about Adventure with God. I mean, I’ve walked some pretty interesting paths with Him – trusting for some pretty huge things, going overseas and overcoming some hectic obstacles, coming home and overcoming some even greater mountains… I thought I had this Adventure thing sorted. Yeah. The closer we walk in Adventure with God, the less the enemy likes it. For every glorious victory, comes an equally dark battle – the valley experience so often thrown about in religious circles. My friend, the greater the victory you’re longing for – the greater the battle you’re going to have to overcome. Sorry if I’m bursting any sweet rose-tinted Christian bubbles here, but the greatest Reality you can face is as a Child of God, you’re called into a battlefield that is not going to go away through wishful thinking. This is not to cause Fear or Anxiety, we have the confidence of a Reigning Victorious Savior who has overcome and already achieved success; we are simply called to dig deep and hold position until the victory is evident in our lives. Too many times I’ve seen (and experienced it first hand) Christians succumb to the pressures of the battle and step out of action. The enemy gains advantage by our own surrender, based upon Fears and Doubts. He cannot win in his own strength.

Let me share a very personal experience; I had been trusting God for finances to return to Ireland to begin a magazine ministry for the youth. Due to visas and a whole bunch of things, I returned home for a few months, confident that God would come through for me in this Season and I would be back in Ireland by the end of the year. I truly believe it was God’s will that I work towards that vision, as I saw the need and spiritual battle surrounding the youth. The spiritual forces against me increased to such an extent that I found myself in a Valley Experience that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. After several months of ‘nothing’, the Fear and Doubt encircling me seemed greater than the Power or God’s Promise or Provision and one day, my mom challenged me on the focus of my faith. I still do not know how she had the strength to watch as I melted before her into a mess of tears and screams. Not at her, not even at her question – but at God; at how He could ask me to do something so beyond my ability and then not come through for me. My meltdown continued for an hour or so, where, in my room I told God that I had come to the end of what I could give. He had asked too much and no more; I was done. I wanted out of the Adventure. And a Silence surrounded me. It was the most heartbreaking moment of my entire life. The loneliness was instant; almost overwhelming.
And what followed was the voice of Grace itself, the quietest of whispers asking me where I would go. And at that moment I knew with more certainty than I’ve ever had, that no matter what God asked of me, I would follow – because ultimately, I cannot face a life without Him. It’s just not worth it. I feel I need to confess that the finances for the magazine did not come though; I cannot honestly say its because I gave in to Fear and surrendered on the battlefield, or if God knew better. Its still one of my heart’s greatest desires to begin a youth based magazine ministry and by God’s grace, I have received several prophetic words that it will one day happen – when God can trust me enough to rely on Him entirely with that ministry.

But I surrendered to Fear and Doubt. I walked off the battlefield. I abandoned the Adventure.
It’s taken several years to get back to that point of allowing God into those deepest areas of my heart. Two years ago God began a very gentle tugging at my heart, healing many past hurts and disappointments and it’s been a special journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. I am not going to share the details quite yet – one day, definitely, but right now, I’m back on the battlefield and the enemy has found reinforcements! Even in this past week, the enemy came against me in an attack that had left all others in the dust and I was faced with a choice: give in and walk away again or face the “Impossible” and Praise God. And this is what I have learnt; God’s truest Adventure requires us to reach that place called Impossible. We have to come to an end of ourselves, our desires, our needs, our abilities – even the promises from God upon which we stand. All we truly have and need is our relationship with Him. It is there, in that Place of the Impossible, where God’s power is most prevalent and His glory is magnified.

To Adventure with God means abandoning your need for Security or Stability. There is no Security in what God does – He is unpredictable and scary in His methods. Remember the scene at the beginning of Mission Impossible 2 (or 3, who can keep up?!) where Tom Cruise is climbing the face of the mountain with nothing but his fingertips gripping the rock surface? Yeah, that would be my analogy for the Extreme Spiritual journey you experience when you take on God’s Adventure. No safety rope, no directions, no net below, no nothing – just the promise that He’s with you and in full control. And that is your Security – His Character. God does not change. He is who He is. God is Love. God is Almighty. God is Gracious. God is Strong to Deliver. Mighty Redeemer. Safe Refuge. Drawing into God’s character, pressing into Relationship with Him, that’s our Security within the Adventure. There is no clear-cut map when Adventuring with God; no precise directions, no itinerary of what to expect. Maybe a few clues here and there, but that’s it.
To Adventure means to Walk by Faith. Its about reaching that place where all else fades into insignificance before Him; where surrender is not a sacrifice – its simply the obvious reaction in the presence of God’s abounding love. Its where God is able to replace your mediocre wishes with His dreams; dreams that have the potential to change lives. Its the place where Provision and Blessing come effortlessly as you walk in the ways of your Lord.

True Adventure begins in the place of honest, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
It may, at times, be a pretty challenging road to walk, but my friend, God is Faithful and life will never ever be the same…


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