Daddy’s Little Girl

He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”
Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.

– Matthew 16:15 – 17

Nothing makes the enemy quite as nervous or edgy as a Christian confidently Resting in God, secure in their identity in Him and drawing ever closer in relationship with Him. It is the single greatest weapon we have in spiritual warfare. It’s in this place that we have unwavering Peace, knowing God’s Sovereignty beyond a shadow of a doubt and subsequently being able to stand in the authority that we have as Children of God. But before this can take place, we must know who God really is in our lives…

Jesus asks His disciples a simple question. Not because He’s having any doubt over His identity, but because the answer is pivotal for our own foundational understanding of our Identity. How we see God determines how we view ourselves. Once we have secured that foundation, we are able to stand in the place where Breakthrough and Blessing can take place; where we can find a place of Rest and Refuge. Without a revelation of God, you will run from His presence; Revelation draws you into God’s heart. It gives you confidence to approach Heaven’s Throne-room.

There are infinite ways of knowing God. He is God Almighty, Victorious Conqueror, Prince of Peace, Gracious Redeemer, Mighty Healer, Loving Father, Incredible Creator, Powerful Provider… the list continues. God reveals an aspect of Himself to each of us in a unique and profound way. This does not mean that we won’t know Him in any other way; it simply means there is a way of Knowing God that resonates within our souls – it’s this aspect of Him that draws us most readily into His presence. As I have said, each of us has our own Revelation of that part of Himself which God most wants to reveal to each of us. In the Bible, Paul Knew God’s Grace. Peter Knew God’s Holiness. Moses Knew God’s Glory… How do you Know God?
When we focus on the True Image of God, this has a dynamic impact on the way in which we live our lives; it immediately affects our prayer lives – we approach God in the way that we view Him. We present our prayers and petitions to the God we are most confident in; the God we Know most intimately. Knowing God establishes our Identity and sets us Free to live the life He has called us to; when we focus on His True Image, our values are affected and thoughts are determined – our very lives begin to reflect the understanding of that image and its effect must become evident through actions and attitudes.

Having heard all of this, (thanks to awesome message by Graham Cooke yet again – bless him Lord!) I immediately reflected upon how I view God. He’s my Daddy. I’ve always just taken it for granted that God is not just “Father”, but the Daddy who loves me abundantly; that in worship and prayer, it’s the most obvious and natural thing to bounce into the Throne-room of Heaven and climb onto His lap – I’m His Little Girl, why would I behave any differently? But that’s my view of God. I always thought everyone sees Him like that, but over the years having spoken with countless people, have realised this is not the case. Many people battle to see God as their Loving Father (to embrace or receive the Father’s Heart and Love) because of the emotional baggage caused by their experience with their “earthly” father. So many hearts have been left hurt by the mistakes made by broken human men – lives have been left shattered because of the mistakes and bad choices of fathers. God the Father’s heart breaks over this. He is not like man that He should fail, falter or lie to His children. That’s one of the most beautiful things about God’s character – He is consistent in Who He is. God is Love. He is not going to change that. Ever. My prayer for each person who reads this, is that you may have a Revelation of the Father’s Heart of Love for you. That no matter what you have experienced in relationship with (or without) your earthly father, may you bring it all before God and leave it at His feet… and find Restoration in the identity of Much Loved Child of God. He is crazy about you. May you have an innocent child-like encounter with His Love and experience His Joy and Acceptance in ways you have possiblly never ever experienced before. I pray the Holy Spirit stirs something new in your heart, drawing you closer into the very core of God’s heart for you – and that you may be fully convinced of Abba Father (Daddy God)’s immense and immeasurable love for you.

With the right image of God, Heaven opens before you and Hell cannot prevail.
Intimacy with God intimidates the enemy. He had better be nervous – I know exactly who I am in God and who my Daddy is… and I am claiming my Inheritance!


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