Roadtripping: Franschhoek

During the Easter holidays I visited my folks and on the return trip, I decided to avoid the main roads’ heavy traffic and took the pass between Villiersdorp and Franschhoek.  It was beautiful… the majesty of the mountains, the colours of the fynbos…

I couldn’t help but think sometimes we really do need to take the path less traveled, even if its just to stop occasionally to take a photo or two and to breathe in the beauty.  I know I get so caught up in getting to my destination, that I often forget to simply enjoy the journey. There’s a life metaphor in there, isn’t there? Huh. I need to learn that one.

So, instead of racing over the pass and pushing on to Cape Town, I stopped for ice-cream. It was lovely. Have developed a renewed appreciation for vanilla. And then I took a stroll (and a few awful selfies) around the town.


Random Fact about Franschhoek: It means “French Corner” in Dutch, given to the French Huguenots who arrived some time way back… apparently the Dutch Huguenots were given their own corner too, but its named “Oliefantshoek” because of all the elephants.  Am going to have to go find that soon…



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