#ColourConf My Story

Let me start by saying this is not an ad for the Colour Conference, Sisterhood or Hillsong Church… this is simply the story of my incredible experience over the past weekend, unraveling a tiny glimpse of the mystery of a gracious God…

On Tuesday evening I was offered a ticket to the Colour Conference (Hillsong Church’s annual women’s conference)v.  I don’t go to Hillsong, so had no idea it was even happening, but I jumped at the opportunity to attend.  To be honest, I am not sure why.  But the whole week I had this deep excitement for what was going to happen: I was expectant and nothing was going to steal that from me!

I have to say, there is something really special about being in a place with 5000 other women – ordinary, everyday girls like me – who want to worship Jesus. The atmosphere changes… the Feminine Heart of God blossomed with such sweetness.  I needed this weekend. Bobbie Houston opened the conference by reminding us about things that never get old: Worship, Being Royal (um, hello Daughter of the Most High King??), our Calling, Mandate and Mantle, Being Vulnerable and Brave… Boom. That’s me. Done. I was so overwhelmed at how this woman from Australia managed to speak words that reverberated into my very soul.  Each Reminder was the Holy Spirit whispering “remember when you not only did that, but loved doing that stuff?” It was like my Spiritual Senses had been awoken after a season of dullness and everywhere around me, Life was literally Blossoming… I knew God had a purpose in giving me that ticket.


As much as I am tempted to simply write out my notes from each of the speakers (phenomenal women in God!), I think I might overwhelm you all with information, without the possible revelation that comes from being there.  I was left amazed at how clearly God spoke through each of these sessions, it was like soft rain falling onto dry soil.  I realised how thirsty I was for His Life-giving, Encouraging, Spirit-filled Word. I realised how badly I needed Renewing of my Heart, Mind and Soul.  I stood for healing – something I haven’t done in quite a while.

During the afternoon session, several girls shared testimonies of prayers they had prayed and the effects it had upon their lives as Daddy God answered.  There were tears; of sadness and lots of joy as we rejoiced in their victories.  During the worship that this led into, we sang a song with the lyrics, “You’re a good good father, that’s who you are… I am loved by you… All your ways are perfect for me”. I broke.  I wept like the tears came from my very core and I couldn’t get the words out and yet, in that moment I knew the significance of declaring those words over my life, over my heart – for too long I have pulled back from that Truth: that God is my Father, and He is GOOD… and not only that, but He loves me.  Really loves me.  And that is the mystery of God – that the Almighty, Holy God in Heaven loves me and calls me His daughter, despite how unworthy I am of that title.  I am left in awe of that revelation.

Something I do want to share with you is this, #MiddayBABYmidday If you are on social media and understand the power of prayer, I encourage you to join thousands of women across the world to pray.  We set our phone alarm for 12 noon everyday, and when it rings, we pray because there is Power in the united prayers of God’s people. Pray as the Spirit leads, pray into local and international events, pray for your neighbours – just pray.  Lift up Jesus’ name over someone else, declare His Sovereignty, intercede on behalf of the Lost: pray. Its something that really stirred awake within my spirit, we don’t pray enough and we underestimate the effects of our prayers.  Prayer is a weapon with which we can break down every wall, overcome every obstacle and find strength within the battle – it should be our first port of call, not our last resort. (Side note: if you have a prayer request, send it to me.  I want to pray for you.)


It really feels like I am not doing this experience justice – even my little iphone photos are somewhat pathetic!, but I want to end with this declaration:

“I’m still here; I’ve been Renewed and I’ve been Restored.  I am Ready to Return to my place in the War Room, Reclaiming my inheritance.  Praise Jesus because Victory never gets old.”

Ticket for 2017: Bought.  I am going to be Found in the Field…


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