Girly Education: Make Up tut

Most of my friends would describe me as a girly-girl – I am usually the one in pretty dresses while everyone else is in jeans. And I will admit, I use the term too… I love being a girl!  But I also have to confess something: I’ve been letting the Girly-Girl Team down terribly.  (Please don’t judge me too harshly here and embrace my tongue-in-cheek vulnerability)  I don’t know how to plait my hair – I mean, I can manage a simple braid, but those Pinterest uber-plaits; wouldn’t know where to start – I don’t get my nails done with all that trendy nail-art stuff and although I can kind of find my way around a make-up bag, my actual skills are sorely lacking… so today, I decided to do something about it.

Leaving my hair and nails well alone, I attended a Make Up class with Liezl Meyer.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but took my rather pathetic and shoddy excuse for a make-up bag along with me and hoped for the best…

It was so much fun!! But let me back up a bit… six of us, bare-faced and (if anything like me) suddenly very self-conscious ladies each found our mirror with note books, info sheet and Goodie Bag.  (I have decided if you want me to do pretty much anything, offer me a Goodie Bag!  I love free stuff.) We started with applying foundation – I had no idea it was so complicated, nor have I ever felt so much pressure getting this previously-overlooked step right… but I survived.  I think.

Next: eyes.  I’ve had my make-up done professionally a couple of times for matric dance, weddings etc and no matter how hard I have tried to follow what the Pro was doing, Eyes have always been lost – mostly due to the fact that my eyes were, well, closed at the time.  Liezl first demonstrated and then made her way to each of us, giving advice on how our unique eye shape needs to be approached.  Yay for small group sizes!

I like to consider myself a fairly capable person, when faced with a challenge, I like to think I don’t back down too quickly.  That was, until I met Eyeliner.  Oh my goodiness! This is an art form on another level – and I am not even talking about that whole cat-eye thing.  I think I have found my nemesis.  Am still deciding how desperately I want to overcome this; after poking myself in the eye one too many times, I gave up… I have a sudden new found respect for girls who walk around looking all “done up” every day: its hard work.

But having said that, I learnt so much today and loved the experience.  Am I about to go through that effort everyday?  No. I still value that extra half hour of sleep in the mornings.  But I now have a whole set of new skills to use the next time I go out… and hopefully that will make up for it – see what I did there? 😉

And now… cue the excessive silly selfies taken to celebrate this occasion.  Do excuse the terrible iphone front camera quality…


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