Roadtripping {Train trip to Simon’s Town}

I’ve wanted to do this trip for quite a while and so when friends suggested we hop on the train from Rondebosch to Simon’s Town, it seemed like a good idea… enough to skip my usual Parkrun and even sacrifice a sleep-in: then you know.

So. Tickets in hand, eagerly waiting for our train on Platform 2… train arrives.  I hop on. Doors slam shut. Friends are all still on the platform. I start whizzing off to Claremont in 3rd class (instead of the comfy 1st class we paid for).  We arrive.  I get off.  The train literally erupts with laughter… thanks guys. No worries.  I do what every travel-savvy girl does: I take a selfie.

And just as I start really bonding with the security guard, Lucky and his colleague on the other side of the tracks: my friends arrive.  Yay! Group reunited. Trip can begin.  Oh, no… hold that enthusiasm: next train is a 40minute wait. Fun times. We very wisely spend the time discussing the best strategy for getting on the train and with Lucky’s expert advice, even know where to aim for 1st Class.  We were hopeful.

We were successful! Managed to board the 0127 (and not the previous 0123) and were soon being whisked off towards the far away destination of Simon’s Town…

No trip to Simon’s Town is complete without a walk around the harbour, checking out the market and the obligatory fish and chips for lunch… and obviously taking LOTS of photos…

Yay Marali for thinking of this trip 🙂 Next time… I am in charge of the travel plans… and we make ice-cream a priority! *Sad no ice-cream face*  But so grateful for fun trips out and about with amazing people that God has blessed me with: I love calling you family. (Even when you flick me)


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