Loaves & Fish moments

This is something I feel very strongly about and something I am overwhelmingly humbled to have been a part of… this project started as a simple Holy Spirit inspired idea a few years ago – get the kids at my school to knit in the hope of making a couple of blankets for the needy.  I was hoping for 10 blankets; we managed 50.  The next year, 120.  This year we changed the vision into scarves and beanies.  Again, my aim was apparently too low: I was hoping for 80 sets for the little ones at our “outreach pre-primary school”… well, we dropped off our collection this morning.  Not only did each of the pre-primary kiddies get a scarf and beanie, but so did each of the 230 grade 1 learners… and we left bags filled with more.

Each year that we do this project, I get completely emotional at the response; people I do not know spend money, time and effort to knit for other people I do not know… and their generosity and love is overwhelming. Every year I am reminded of the little boy who brought his loaves and fish to Jesus, offering his little for His Kingdom; such a small sacrifice that when multiplied by His glory, impacted many.  Its these, modern day Loaves & Fish moments that remind me how very real God is and how immensely He cares for each of us.  Imagine how different the world would be if we were more willing to offer the little we do have for the benefit of others?


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