{Girly Education} Going Bananas for Homemade Spa Treatments p

I decided to spend the first week of 2017 in the bush, at my parents’ holiday house in the Sabi/Kruger area. Silence and space. Bliss. Having time on my hands, I decided to try out some homemade spa treatments I had seen on Pinterest… I mean, why not?  And having bought an entire box of bananas, it seemed a worthwhile experiment. How bad could it be?

The first effort: a face mask. “Mash banana, apply to face and allow to set for 15-20mins, wash with cold water.” I tried it out… there is a reason there are no photos of the experience! The application is surprisingly not difficult, but the outcome is not glamorous: imagine an elephant sneezed in your direction and your face is covered in elephant snot. Luxurious right? Not quite… but save the feeling of a face covered in boogers and a sudden interest from every fruit fly in the area, its not the worst face mask I’ve had.  And if I am completely fair, I would admit to a fresher, more “glowy” complexion. I was honestly surprised by that.

Next treatment: hair mask. I highlight my hair,  so any solution that offers to soften and moisturize my hair is welcomed. Pinterest suggestion: “Mash banana, mix with table spoon of olive oil, massage into hair. Wait 30mins and rinse with cold water.”   Sounded simple enough, right? Yeah… what they neglected to tell me was that I should have pureed my banana until it was little more than a thick juice.  When it came to the rinsing step, I was faced with knots made from blobs of dried banana mush…15 more mins of careful rinsing and combing later (moms around the world have combed their lice-infected kids less thoroughly),  I was free to contemplate my spa treatments.

Honestly, was it worth it? Begrudgingly, I have to admit my hair is pretty soft… but not entirely sure its worth the blobby hassles and comb outs. But then again, I do have long hair… but as much as I enjoyed the experience of at least testing out a Pinterest DIY spa treatment, personally I feel the best use for mashed banana is banana bread…


No, I did not use the same banana mash… 😉


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