Boxes and Bubblewrap

My latest adventure: moving into my first Own Place. Excited is an understatement. But, before I can open the front door and walk on in, there is the little business of packing up and moving my life from one address to the next… a week of boxes and bubblewrap later, I have what feels like a mountain of boxes and a whole lot of stuff still sitting in cupboards.  Where did all this stuff come from??

Moving is an incredible experience; it forces one to face the clutter and make tough decisions – like those boxes on top of the kitchen cupboards which I had assumed were empty, only they weren’t. Bye bye tea sets I clearly haven’t used in several years! And that got me thinking; how much other clutter do we hang onto and hide away in the corners of our hearts and heads? Regrets over past mistakes, could-have-beens for opportunities we didn’t take, all those things we should have said but didn’t..? Somehow hanging onto them seems about as useful as those unused tea sets: they just take up space and gather dust.

I am declaring a new season: Time to dump the Clutter! With each box being filled (and an equal amount being sent to the dump up the road), I am choosing to simplify my life by letting go of the negative thoughts, the fears and anxieties over stuff I cannot control, the endless comparisons with unobtainable fantasies, the constant demands of the social media instant gratification society we try to keep pace with… bye bye all this silly stuff, I don’t seem to have space for any of it in my new Life and Adventures ahead. Letting go and cleaning out has never felt so good!




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  1. jandudy says:

    Great post! Good luck moving!

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