{Life with Jesus} Unicorn #1 – My Own Home

So I started this year hunting unicorns in Kruger (you can read about it here:  https://wordpress.com/stats/day/waitinginfaith.wordpress.com ) and came back to Cape Town trusting for more Unicorns and Sparkles; those answers to prayers that seemed almost impossible.  I wanted 2017 to be defined by extraordinary moments with God – I wanted Adventure beyond anything I had experienced.  Well it didn’t take long…

I have been living in a lovely house that belongs to my parents for the past couple of years and although its been one of my heart’s desires to have my own home.  Being a teacher, that just didn’t seem possible and although I have looked at the market several times, it just seemed more and more difficult each year. And then 2017 came along.  Suddenly things fell into place: my parents sold their business (another Unicorn for our family!) which provided finances for them to help me step into the property market!  And if God wasn’t showing His Goodness enough in this situation, this all coincided with a financial increase at work!  Tell me God does not care about the details of His people’s lives and I will point you to His fingerprints in mine…

And so fast forward several weeks later, here I type in my very Own Home.  I don’t think its fully sunk in yet and I am still expecting to have to “go back home” to the other house, but I am surrounded by people who are celebrating on my behalf.  The sense of joy and anticipation has been surreal; I have the greatest sense of Expectancy for More – that this is only the Beginning.  I don’t know what’s ahead, but I know its God’s Best for me and that is Enough.

So here are some pics, taken on my iPhone in dodgy light…


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