The Heart of this Blog…


I am Lauren Joy and I started this blog way back in 2012 as a platform to share my heart and faith and lessons I have learnt along the way as I journey with Jesus through Life. I have to admit, I have been quite quiet these past couple of months… its not that I haven’t learnt anything or grown much, I was just in a season of Quiet.  I needed time out to process and to ponder and simply to be still. I woke up this morning with creativity flowing and ideas bouncing all over the place and was brought back to this place: its time to Live with Joy again.

So I declare a New Season.

This season is going to be filled with Living Outwardly; going on Adventures, Learning new Stuff, making deeper Connections and in doing so, Enjoying God and Having Fun. I am excited.  And if you choose to follow me and keep an eye on my silliness, please drop a comment here or there, maybe even make a suggestion of Stuff I can try out… it’s going to be awesome.

oh, how awkward, I should probably introduce myself a little more… as I said, I am Lauren.  I am a pink-loving, cookie-baking, daschhund-owning, photo-taking girly-girl.   I love being a bit of a contradiction: I am an incredibly organised and logical Creative Person and while I love people and sharing adventures, I am at heart an Introvert. I love all things pretty like pearls and lace, but am equally delighted getting my hands dirty in the outdoors. So the only constant about me is this: I love Jesus. Simple as that.

(Little disclaimer: other than the above images – beautifully captured by the uber-talented Lizelle Lotter – all the photos on this blog are mine.  You can check out my professional work on )


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